Rokugan, the Empress and the Heavens themselves turn their eye to judge the Honor and Glory of the Magistrates, whatever their sect.

Be ever vigilant; for your honor does not belong to you, but to your ancestors – borrowed forward and with interest due. Never doubt your duty. Never betray your clan. Find trust where you are able. You are already dead, live as though you have seven breaths left to last. Sometimes, you are afforded the opportunity to choose who you get to betray. Sometimes, you're not.


So, we're dealing with six samurai's journey from trainees, just out of gempuku and basic training, all the way to their eventual end. Whether this is exaltation and brightly rising through the strata; perhaps a gruesome and cowardly demise; or simply resting on their laurels and reaching a peaceful retirement, their duty to their ancestors sufficiently fulfilled.

The world around them sees various and sundry forces building in crescendo to rock the Empire – if laurels are indeed won, then no doubt they'll be well earned.


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Doku Sutorīmu - The Poisoned Stream

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